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The Northeast Greek Leadership Association publishes a monthly newsletter to our member campuses and constituents. Submissions can be made by anyone in the community, and we welcome the opportunity to feature different ideas and material each month. Articles and detailed content submissions should be made utilizing the Regular Article/Content Submission Form.

Campuses, volunteers, professionals and organizations looking to highlight an achievement, event, honor or post an announcement to the community may do so by submitting a brief description via the Brag Board Content Submission Form. Brag Board submissions need not match suggested topics for regular content submissions.


Submissions must be received by midnight EST on the date that corresponds to the edition in which the feature should be run. Questions can be directed to Colleen Knopeck, Newsletter Editor, at


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Newsletter Edition Submission Due Date Newsletter Drop Date Suggested Submission Topics
September 2016 8/25/16 9/1/16 Hazing Prevention

Time Management

Academic Achievement

Tips and Strategies

Engaging Parents of New Members
October 2016 9/29/16 10/6/16 Inclusive Community

Diversity Topics


Alumni Engagement
November 2016 10/27/16 11/3/16 NGLA Annual Conference 2017 Edition

Officer Transition Prep
December 2016 11/24/16 12/1/16 Engaging Emerging Leaders

Winter Break Prep and Engagement
January 2017 12/29/16 1/5/17 NGLA Annual Conference 2017 Edition
February 2017 1/26/17 2/2/17

Final Conference Newsletter

March 2017
2/23/17 3/2/17

Conference Recap

April 2017 3/30/17 4/6/17

Reducing Risk

May 2017 4/27/17 5/4/17

Summer Break Prep and Engagement

August 2017 7/25/17 8/3/17

Fall Preparation

September 2017 8/29/17 9/7/17

Hazing Prevention

October 2017 9/26/17 10/5/17

Alumni Engagement

November 2017 10/24/17 11/2/17

NGLA Annual Conference 2018 Edition

December 2017 11/28/17 12/7/17

Engaging Emerging Leaders


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