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Introduction to the Northeast Greek Leadership Association


The Northeast Greek Leadership Association has a long history of service to fraternity and sorority members in the Northeast. NGLA is a result of the merger between the Northeast Interfraternity Conference (NEIFC) and the Northeast Panhellenic Conference (NEPC). At the 2000 meeting those institutions attending the conference were asked for their consent to explore the merger of the two organizations into a new association. Merging would avoid the duplication of effort and expense created by operating as two organizations and to provide more diverse programming opportunities for all types fraternity and sorority communities in the Northeast. Consent was granted by the institutions and the NGLA was created in August of 2000.

At present, NGLA hosts two regional drive in conferences in the fall and one 1000 person attendee conference in February each year. The organization is run by a board of volunteers and a volunteer committee structure with over 60 volunteers.


NGLA builds community among students from a variety of fraternal experiences, challenges members to align their actions with fraternal values, and empowers advocates to transform and improve their communities.


  • Fraternities and sororities in the northeast provide co-curricular learning experiences that prove to be essential in furthering the mission of their host institution
  • Fraternities and sororities in the northeast are high performing and are looked to as a model of best practices
  • Fraternities and sororities members in the northeast can articulate their founding principles, strive to live these principles, and challenge peers whose behavior is inconsistent with these principles.
  • NGLA is known to members on every campus as a valuable resource that provides a demonstrated return on investment.

Strategic Areas of Focus

In 2011, the Northeast Greek Leadership Association embarked on a strategic planning process designed to improve the Association’s ability to better serve fraternity and sorority members in the northeast. 

1. Expand and enhance services to create valuable learning experiences for the NGLA community

2. Strengthen infrastructure to meet the needs of the association

3. Use assessment and research to drive mission focused decisions

Learn more about our progress here.


Sample Scope of Services

Association Management

  • Calendar: Maintain a calendar of important dates and deadlines and send reminders to volunteers and board members as appropriate.

Board Meetings

  • Frequency: The full board of directors meets in person two times a year and via conference call once per month. The two meetings occur at our annual conference in February and in the summer at a location in the northeast determined annually. The Virtual Assistant will arrange hotel rooms, food and beverage, and meeting space for board members.

Committees and Volunteers

  • For all committees: Maintain current lists of all committee members.
  • For volunteers: Maintain a list of volunteer assignments. Have regular knowledge of volunteer committee activities. Remind volunteer committees about upcoming deadlines.


  • Conference Insurance: Secure policy for loss of conference revenue due to acts of God.
  • Board of Directors Insurance: Secure Directors and Officers Errors and Omissions insurance.

Membership Support Services

  • Database: Maintain a single comprehensive database for all members, update database, process payments and reimbursements, respond to inquiries, and send information to new members.

Publication and Technology Support Services

  • Type and Frequency: Work with marketing contractor to ensure that the electronic newsletter is published monthly and sub-population specific e-marketing is sent for program specific initiatives (typically 1-2 messages per month). Prepare an annual report.
  • Communication: Act as a liaison between the program planning committees and volunteer communications personnel to ensure orderly, timely and economical production of NGLA publications and electronic communications including conference publicity, program guides, occasional press releases, and newsletters.
  • Social Media: Publish timely content to social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. Number of posts will vary with the time of year, with highest volume leading up to and during the 3 day annual conference in February. On average, posts are once or twice per week.

Conference Management

  • Site Selection: Research future sites, organize a visit by members of the executive board and negotiate prices and fees.
  • Develop Conference Timetable: This is done in conjunction with the conference committee and includes the scheduling of sessions, speakers, committee meetings, and the use of A-V equipment.
  • VIP Management: Arrange for travel, complimentary rooms, and transportation to and from the airport.
  • Food & Beverage Selection Negotiate menu and prices for approximately 1 reception and 2 lunches and 1 dinner for 850.
  • Program Booklet Data Entry and Design: Build electronic program guide for conference.

Position Interface

The virtual assistant will receive direction from three individuals

  • NGLA Chairman of the Board
  • Annual Conference Chairman
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Desired Competencies

  • Presents information both clearly and concisely. Confirms correct interpretation of information.
  • Demonstrates ability to handle several projects simultaneously.
  • Strong electronic and verbal communication skills.
  • Customer service orientation.
  • Demonstrated experience working with volunteer board members.
  • Ability to understand the needs of a small, developing non-profit.
  • Experience in preparing newsletter and social media content.
  • Experience with event management for events with over 1000 attendees.


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • 3-5 years of experience as a Virtual Assistant.
  • Ability to handle the seasonal demands of supporting NGLA. Hours will vary per month. Anticipated needs are 5-7 hours per week during non-peak times and 15 hours per week during peak times. Peak times include the months of December, January, and February.
  • Location is not important, but ability to communicate during a majority of business hours Monday through Friday in Eastern Time is valued.
  • Proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite of services, WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Knowledge of Memberclicks interface desired but not required.
  • Positive client references.
  • Must provide own computer, computer software, internet, and telephone connection.

The Process

1. Interested Virtual Assistants must respond by November 18, 2016.

2. Include information about your company:
       a. How long in business
       b. Other types of clients
       c. Proposed costs
       d. Skills and experiences
       e. References

3. Please address each area of the scope of services indicating your ability to provide support. Also indicate services that you typically outsource.

4. Submit an electronic copy of the RFP to the NGLA Personnel Committee Chair, Tricia Fechter Gates, at Preference will be given to those candidates who submit proposals by November 18, 2016. The selection committee will review all proposals and will select the top 3 candidates.

5. The committee will set up an interview with the final candidates.

6. A contract will be finalized with the selected Virtual Assistant.


To Apply

Submit an electronic copy of the RFP to the NGLA Personnel Committee Chair, Tricia Fechter Gates, at Preference will be given to those candidates who submit proposals by November 18, 2016.