North American Interfraternity Council (NIC)


2021 Conference Programs - Coming Soon

February 26 - February 28, 2021

In November, NGLA will announce educational sessions designed to meet the unique needs of NIC members for the 2021 NGLA Virtual Conference from February 25 – 28, 2021.

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2020 NGLA Annual Conference Programs

Behind the IFC: The Story of the Standard Operating Procedures presented by Kyle Martin

One year ago the NIC member organizations passed a standard that requires each organization to have and enforce a policy that all of their chapters are part of an IFC that is both in alignment with NIC standards (as they are outlined in the IFC SOP Manual) and pays NIC dues. It was proposed and passed unanimously by the membership. But what does that even mean? And how did we (NIC member organizations get here)? Join the NIC staff share the behind the scenes story and intention of the SOP manual for IFC's across North America.

Interfraternalism on Campus presented by Kyle Martin

We believe that interfraternalism can be a tool is helping us address our challenges and can create communities that are healthy and thriving. We want to highlight some examples where interfraternalism could be helpful. In order to truly operate as a community, we have to understand the role of interfraternalism. As a result of this program, participants will be able to articulate the definition of and determine news ways to enact interfraternalism on campus.

Building Relevance in Your IFC presented by Kyle Martin

Carrying out the expected roles of the IFC is just half the equation of being an effective IFC. If we don’t carry out our role well, we’re limiting our own relevance. To understand how to build a more relevant IFC, we will explore the 5 R’s of IFC Relevance. The 5 R’s show that becoming a more relevant IFC is about connecting with other and doing the right thing.

IFC Community Evaluation and Strategy presented by Kyle Martin

In this session, we start the conversation evaluating your IFC community through two activities developed by the North American Interfraternity Conference to understand and describe the challenges that fraternity leaders are seeing and begin to develop strategies to address them. Through this conversation, you will understand where your IFC community stands and where to start making improvements.

JV vs Varsity: Advanced IFC Operations presented by Kyle Martin

Is your IFC operating at a Varsity level or do you want to be operating at a Varsity level? If so, come to this session with NIC staff where we will discuss more advanced council operations and how to best support councils that are looking to take the next step and move beyond 10 minute meetings.