National Panhellenic Conference (NPC)


2021 Conference Programs - Coming Soon

February 26 - February 28, 2021

In November, NGLA will announce educational sessions designed to meet the unique needs of NPC members for the 2021 NGLA Virtual Conference from February 25 – 28, 2021.

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2020 NGLA Annual Conference Programs

How to Effectively Manage a College Panhellenic presented by Julie Goldberg & Jamison Carson

When a College Panhellenic is operating effectively and efficiently, the entire Panhellenic community wins. By attending this session, participants will have an opportunity to explore resources that can assist a College Panhellenic to be successful. Specifically, participants will explore how to effectively run a Panhellenic meeting using Robert’s Rules of Order, how to create or modify governing documents that are clear and concise, how to provide financial transparency to potential new members, and how to uphold all National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) Unanimous Agreements. Participants will leave this session having a better understanding of the best practices of a Panhellenic Council.

Preparing Potential New Members and Recruitment Counselors for the Primary Recruitment Experience presented by Julie Goldberg & Jamison Carson

Each year, Panhellenic communities embark on planning and executing primary recruitment. As part of the preparation for primary recruitment, Panhellenic officers must also train and support recruitment counselors, who help empower potential new members (PNMs) to make a lifelong decision. As a Panhellenic officer or recruitment counselor, it is your responsibility to ensure that PNMs are prepared to experience primary recruitment including aspects of membership selection, understanding the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement and how to evaluate chapter values to fit with a PNM’s likes and desires. Join us to learn how to effectively select and train recruitment counselors, explore ways to educate PNMs on the recruitment experience and identify the resources and tools the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) provides to assist in this education.

Effective Social Media Usage: Reviewing Your Media Platforms presented by Julie Goldberg & Jamison Carson

College Panhellenic communities rely on their media platforms to raise awareness of the Panhellenic community and promote the women’s-only sorority experience on their campus. However, without a proactive, thorough and robust social media plan and execution, officers are not maximizing the potential for outreach and exposure. Through this session, officers will have an opportunity to review exceptional College Panhellenic social media marketing from a variety of campuses and critique their own council’s social media and website. Join us to create an action plan and detail steps to improve and increase awareness of the women’s-only sorority experience upon returning to campus. In doing so, Panhellenic councils can be strategic about marketing opportunities; where, how and to whom they promote the experience to ensure community-wide growth.

Conquering Your Conflict Management Skills and the College Panhellenic Judicial Process presented by Julie Goldberg & Jamison Carson

Members of the Panhellenic council frequently find themselves working in difficult situations where conflict can arise easily, especially when addressing violations of Panhellenic policies and procedures. As an officer, you must be prepared to handle these situations effectively to minimize conflict and increase resolution, ideally using informal conversation. In this session, participants will evaluate common examples of conflict, explore effective communication strategies to be used when addressing conflict, learn about key techniques such as motivational interviewing and ultimately be able to adequately address community and individual concerns. Should informal conversations not be effective discussion about the rest of the College Panhellenic judicial process, including mediation and a judicial hearing will take place. Join us if you want to see an ease in communication amongst chapters and individual members for the greater good of your community. 

Protecting and Advocating for the Sorority Experience presented by Julie Goldberg & Jamison Carson

As the landscape of higher education changes, the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) continues to be committed to protecting sorority. Participants will learn about the importance of being visionary leaders, coming together as a community to work towards a common goal and how to create opportunities for activism when sorority members' rights are jeopardized. Education surrounding our member organizations’ single-sex status and protecting this experience for our members is key, all while remaining inclusive organizations. Participants will learn why this important topic is a component of NPC’s advocacy platform and strategic plan, and will also gain tools and knowledge of policy efforts currently advancing this movement.

Additional Programs

  • It Takes a Village: Partnerships for a Strong Chapter Establishment presented by Christina Witkowicki & Alison Burke
  • The Manifesto For Modern Panhellenic Recruitment presented by Colleen Coffey-Melchiorre, Hailey Mangrum, and Erin Chatten
  • Handsigns, Stepping, and all those Shrieks. What's It All About? presented by Michelle Guobadia
  • The Computer Does Not Mess Up: A Game to Understand NPC Bid Matching presented by Dan Faill
  • COB Is Non-Toxic presented by Colleen Coffey-Melchiorre
  • It Ain't About You Boo! presented by Tina VanSteenbergen